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Reclamation: Philadelphia Garou

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This Live Journal Community was created for the use of the WWtA LARP, Urban Renewal, located in Philladelphia PA. ONLY members of the LARP staff, and website crew will be made members of this community. Don't ask.

Urban Renewal is a Werewolf: The Apocalypse genre, Live Action Roleplaying ( LARP ) game based in Philadelphia, PA. The Game functions under the current Laws of the Wild ( revised ) rules as published by White Wolf Game Studios.

This is a continuing, episodic, game in which there are no true winners or losers. The fun and reward come from intense and dramatic roleplaying, and the special socialization that Garou players experience through game. Intra-Tribal Rivalries, breed-differences, and cultural viewpoints, all texture and flavor the game with a depth and bredth all its own.

The offical game website contains informtaion, both in-Character ( IC ) and Out-Of-Character ( OOC ). These include information about the game, policies, character generation house rules, game dates, Sept and Sept Members, Player Resources, as well as a "fun" section.

All WoD ( World of Darkness ) references, backgrounds, signature characters, original graphics, and material are the property of White Wolf Publishing. This community abides by the requests of White Wolf by keeping to the rules of the Dark Spiral Resource guide.