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Website - Page Updates [Nov. 17th, 2004|01:37 pm]


[mood |creative]
[music |*twitch*]

About.html ---> Has a little more information to it now, so that its not just a blarg type blurb. yeaness!
Contact.html ---> Has also been updated, added the new mailing list to it, and some OWbN links ( for mailing lists ).

Still haven't gotten to update the forums yet. Phbb is kicking my ass. o.o Wow. I'll have to dig out some favors. Muhahahahaha.

I'm currently working on a skin for it so that it matches the site. But users will be able to use what ever themes that are pre-installed to their tastes. Cause I know not everyone likes the same things I, or Joe-Bob-Jimmy from down the street, likes.

Still looking for a laptop that can run Photoshop Studio Suite ( or version 5.5 I'm not too ungodly picky ). *grins*

Also, Ashley, I do believe I may have given you the wrong password. Email me or something biotch, cause I loved you Piddy!!! ;)

The Escape key is my enemy. That is all.