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(no subject) [Aug. 3rd, 2005|11:10 pm]

Need a ST
so i can make heads go boom. what's the address for the ST list?
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I have contact [Jun. 17th, 2005|05:10 pm]

[mood |awake]
[music |"Realign" Godsmack]

hey all. its your friendly neighborhood Devildog (slang for young Marines, FYI) I'm in pensacola, and have limited net. best contact is my new cell:

(850) 418-1595

I'm generally off after 3 PM.

Rachael, kurrene, gimme a call when you get a shot.
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Shocking, isn't it? [Mar. 15th, 2005|03:53 pm]

yet another resource that goes largely unused. So as to eat up more time and space, I was wondering if anyone else thought this is a good place to put quasi~IC blogs. Inner monologue posts that are not useable IC, but may be interesting nonetheless. yes/no?
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Updates [Nov. 30th, 2004|03:11 pm]

[mood |annoyedannoyed]

Forums have been added. please go see.

Links have been added to the Contact page as well as teh Song Circle link in teh menu. :)


Edit: Ah hell I put it in the wrong damn journal. Don't ya hate that when that happens? o.o Its almost as bad as posting to the wrong Mailing list! >.<

RadicalEdward runs a fanlisting for DEATH

What's Your Ultimate Fandom OTP?
Shiver My Timber--A Pirate RPG
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Umm...suggestion? [Nov. 24th, 2004|09:25 am]

Is there a link to the forums on the main page? If not...could you kindly put one there?
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Website Updates [Nov. 22nd, 2004|12:32 pm]

Updates the Events page: Removed the Halloween event, but linked the invitation to the old date. Dates for future games will be added after the December Games have past.
Editing for typos: With help from players, I have been editing typos and mistakes to information. If you see something on any of the pages, please feel free to beat me stupid. Ahsley will be able to pick up my pieces. ;) *chuckles*
Updating Contact Pages: This will add a "subscribe" button feature below the list of mailing lists. I'm working on the new grpahics for the buttons now. :P The Yahoo ones are a bit crappy and don't go with the site.
Working on an "Adopt a Wolf Pack" Info Page: It was suggested by one of the ST staff of Capital Rage that with the hunting of wolves in Alaska, that maybe as a game-group they could come up with the cash to adopt a whole wolf pack. It was disscussed slightly, though in no great detail, amoung those of us that went to "visit" from the R:PG crew that a simialr deal might be struck amounsgt the player base here. More details to come.
Links Page:</a> Working on fixing the Links and Resources and just adding them into one big ass page.
New PAGE: Sept Dynamics page created, with a little bit more information on it on how things "could" and in some cases "should" be run in general. NOTE: The current situation has been noted on the page as well.

Thanks goes out to the Charleston By Night RPG group. Their website is chock full of useful information, of which some has been transplanted to the Philly Garou Website, by their permission. Links to their site can be found on the pages that have been transplanted. A link in the main link window has also been added, as well as one in the Links section.
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Website - Page Updates [Nov. 17th, 2004|01:37 pm]

[mood |creative]
[music |*twitch*]

About.html ---> Has a little more information to it now, so that its not just a blarg type blurb. yeaness!
Contact.html ---> Has also been updated, added the new mailing list to it, and some OWbN links ( for mailing lists ).

Still haven't gotten to update the forums yet. Phbb is kicking my ass. o.o Wow. I'll have to dig out some favors. Muhahahahaha.

I'm currently working on a skin for it so that it matches the site. But users will be able to use what ever themes that are pre-installed to their tastes. Cause I know not everyone likes the same things I, or Joe-Bob-Jimmy from down the street, likes.

Still looking for a laptop that can run Photoshop Studio Suite ( or version 5.5 I'm not too ungodly picky ). *grins*

Also, Ashley, I do believe I may have given you the wrong password. Email me or something biotch, cause I loved you Piddy!!! ;)

The Escape key is my enemy. That is all.
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so... [Nov. 16th, 2004|02:38 pm]

[mood |working]
[music |Killers - somebody told me]

to get this whole thing rolling...has anyone else joined the national lists? Auspice/Tribal lists? Any of that?
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Yes I am damn Lazy.., [Nov. 12th, 2004|12:26 pm]

[mood |artistic]
[music |Rolling Stones - 40 Licks Album - Disk One]

Okay folks, here's the scoop. the "Updates link" will now point to this LJ community. I made this a community so that the ST's, website staff, and mods could a have a place to post a heads up for those NOT on the mailing lists.

I will be adding links to the mailing lists below when I get to it. ;)


Anywho here are the current updates:

*Created LJ community r_pg.

*Updated the "Updates" link to point to this LJ.

*Worked more on the "Garou Society" page. Added more information there and links.

*Still working on adding more info on the Tribes.

*Updated the "Contacts" page. LIZ I need your public email address for the site! of other form of contact info!

*Updated the mailing list info on "Conatct" page.

*GameDates and events renovated for easy viewing. Directions to main game site added.

*Updates Links section.., more to come on that as I find them.

*Updated Resources section.

*Updating Sept Member section - Need to get Ashley's notebook for her. :) :) Yea!!

*Updated Staff Section.., more to come.

*NEW ART!! Created and Added blank name badges to be printed out for player use. WWtA font used, basic black and white, with a box for an image.

*Still updating Website Map.

*Working on FAQ as we speak. Questions to be added to the FAQ are more then welcome. Stupid questions will be answered with much humor!!

*Adding forums to site, hopefully to be fully functional and skinned before I leave tonight for the weekend.

*LOOKING FOR A CHEAP LAPTOP anyone is willing to sell to me. ;) *chuckles*
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